What Is This Site Doing In Existence and Why?

Why? Well. Besides a little disturbed girl got bored and created this, and wanted it. So, here we are for better or for worse. And yeah, this site is so kickass, I amaze even myself at how friggin' kickass it is. I like that word...kickass...heh....I said it, what?

Sleep deprivation is a bad thing, kiddies, 'member that, lol. Okay. Mmm. Seriously.

This site was first created back in the day as a fan fiction thing dedicated to A-Team, Emergency, Forever Knight, BtVS, Angel, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc... stuff like that. Then after my SWC days on AOL (*shudder*) I wanted to create my own little RPG world. Well, it turned more into writing than RPG. And there was a time I used to run with a big group, but now our numbers kinda deflated without RP viagra and now, technically, there's only four of us left, but only two major ones do crap, two, being moi and Hollz.

After the fan fiction craze died down and the RPG started to as well, I was gonna make this a very dark...demented...vampire-horror-orgy-whatever-you-can-think-of-sort-of-thing. ::takes deep breath:: That was a lot. But, with Hollz, I've strayed away from my vampires and mortals a lot.


Got sidetracked there. Meep. To make a long story that could be longer shorter than short...I guess this is a haven for stories. I know there's fanfiction.net or their sister site for original fiction, but, I like expressing my stories with some colour and...all that stuff.

So. I guess what I'm getting at, I think, is that we're a RPG/Writing group. We don't use no stinking internet dice (man that irritated the crap outta me back in '98-'00, lol). There's really no stats or rules like what you'd normally find in VtM or Mage games. We're just...us. Though, I will say, in RPG, no god like characters are allowed.

God like meaning that they can't hurt whatsoever, no weakness, they can take out everyone and thing, etc. Or Mary Sue characters, I'm sure all us ff writers know Mary Sue oh too well. (In my next editing, I'll be sure to post a link to a description of our gorgeous Mary Sue)

So explore the site, read, enjoy, and join us for eternity. ^_^


Another quick note: Most common creatures that are currently in use (and more of the breed are welcomed!) would be: vampires, werewolves, werepanther, (were anything baby), serpent, faerie, elf, demon, mortal, immortal.

Okay. 'Nough for tonight. I'm gonna loose more victims—erm, people—than gaining them at this rate.

Commenting in the guestbook wouldn't be too bad either, pebbles