The Rules; [I have rights to modify these as I see fit]

[#1] ***NO*** God moding at ALL. I don't care if you're ze gr38test rp1er eva.
[#2] Standard Rule: Donít kill off another playerís character without written permission. Just so there is proof in case someone cried foul.
[#3]***NO*** God moding at ALL. I don't care if you're ze gr38test rp1er eva. I can NOT stress this enough!
[#4] Adult stories/RPs are more than welcome, just add a warning for minors that stumble across this site
[#5] Iím not enforcing an age limit, but please, if you are not mature enough to handle the theme, donít join.
[#6] Any race is welcome, but please be thorough in you character profile. If there is something I donít approve of, Iíll let you know.
[#7] Itís not mandatory to add time of day in the subject line, but some do and thatís fine. I donít want any complaints on this topic. It is simply a personal preference. And, yes, I have had trouble with this before.
[#8] Posting times can sometimes be an issue, but please, please, PLEASE, donít harass the people youíre writing with. Sometimes other things take precedence over posting. Be patient. They will get back. All I ask is if youíll be away for an extended length of time like vacations or business trips, please make an OOC note about it so your writing partners will be aware of it. Just common courtesy people.
[#9] Above all, have fun. Itís a game, itís meant as a good time for all involved, so use your best judgement and try not to outwardly offend someone. But on the same note, please try and keep an open mind so as not to be offended by trivial things.