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Fandom: Red Dragon
Song: Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
Charrie: Mainly Will Graham, Hannibal, Dolarhyde
Size: 24.8MB
Download at:


Fandom: Dare Devil
Song: Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
Characters: Matt Murdock [Daredevil]/Elektra
Size: 21.53MB
Download at:


Fandom Doctor Who (Season 28)
Song: Hangin' By A Moment by Lifehouse
Pairings: 10/Rose, little 9/Rose
Summary: Fan girl vid for zee Rose!Ten.
Possible Spoilers: Includes scenes mainly from "New Earth" (2x01) and "New New Who" (confidential).
Size: 15.6MB


Name: Heaven's A Lie
By: Me -- derr
Size: 5:15 or 32.34MB
Clips: BtVS (episodes Villians & Grave), Red Dragon
Music: Lacuna Coil's "Heaven's a Lie"
Characters/People: Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Hopkins (uhaa), and Edward-sex-Norton.

Summary: Crys has finally lost it--had a break down after everything her family has done to her. She thinks Kyle has been killed and she couldn't do anything about it, so she's on a roaring rampage of revenge. Meanwhile, Kyle is trying to figure out where she is, what's happened to her, and wants to bring her back.

Notes: Even if you don't care for the "story line", please R&R. I think this is my best vid, under the circumstances and what I have to work with, that I've done yet. I tried some new things and yeah...if it sucks, tell me and yeah.

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