Site Updates

5.10.06: 12:20AM. Well, the warm welcome to the SS'ers was very short lived. But that's fine ;). Did a lot of re-arranging recently, graphic changes, added/subtracted things. Added a schweet ass Video Section. I feel really proud about the most recent, "Heaven's A Lie", as I've bragged about in my LJ, lol. But yeah. Finals are now for the university, just gotta survive the rest of HS and make it till graduation. *crosses fingers* Anywho. And there's a lot of RP logs I need to add and update the Of Faeries and Elves section...but that'll come in time. :) I should really toddle off to bed, dentist appts to make and phone calls to return in mornin'. Night luvs.

2.9.06: 11:03AM. For the time being, give a warm welcome back to S&S (or iow) Jo-Jo and Mav. Site is still being worked on.

1.20.06: 10:15PM. Updated some bios, added some pix/bios to the lycanthrope area. **Public Service Announcement:** NICK VARI IS DEAD FOR GOOD NOW. Yes. It's true! Working on story with several others for Kyle and others...yeah. Been a busy little bee.

1.1.06: 11:41PM. Sorta late here, but em, *HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!* Hope no one got stuck in jail and had to get their arse sewn up. Been making simple changes here, buttons/graphics in the Who We Are and some new colours. Hrmph. We need new members...there's a total of *drum roll* 2! people still actively RPing: myself and DJ Hollz. ::glares:: I'll probably start adding some new fiction here, maybe some of my wonderful fanfic. I might bring back some character galleries and add other links...depends on how creative I get tonight, HEH.

10/22/05: 12:44AM. Uh. Let's see. After orgasming a lot after leafing through pics of Edward Norton...uhm...deleted a few things. Deleted Jolie's Stories, and misc. bios of people long ago. Got tired of waiting around for some, and others I thought I had already gotten rid of. Kinda brain dead...think I did some other stuff...probably added more to the Of Faeries and Elves section no doubt. Hmm. Yeah.

9/26/05: 7:16PM. Gonna do a quick update notice then gotta go brush my oh-so sexed up teethy. Erm. Updated bios: Crys, Tatl, and Rysina. New pic up for Jael. Probably some other unmentioned stuff going on....will update later tonight. But! Must pretty self for classes, so tootles my darlin's.

6/14/05: 11:31PM. Watching Family Guy. Hmmmers. Anywho. Finally got around to adding new logs to the Of Faeries and Elves section. 7/29/04, 8/4/04, 8/5/04, 8/19/04, 8/22/04, and 6/13/05. Still need to add more to the 2005 Log Area, but one step at a time! Still recovering from my second knock down of illness *eye roll*

4/16/05: 12:17AM. Mmmm. So nice, school's almost over with. I can smell far yet so close. Scary. Anywho! Been doing a lot to the site in the past few hours, more than usual. Been touching up some bios, slowly but surely. Added a new page In Loving Memory Of Nick. What else have I done...uhh...finally cleaned up the linking so Timelines can actually be clicked on and viewed. Added a links section that I was originally working on long ago...but forgot about it. Until tonight! Or...until this morning...bleh. Whatever, you know what I mean. It's under a lot of construction, need to go digging for sites that need to be listed in that section, so want in, lemme know. We'll make a dead drop. *wiggles eyebrows* And I'm telling you, once I get a camera, I'm gonna become a photo whore, lol. Ahh. Yes. Well, I'm off. Classes in the morning, need my ugly beauty sleep.

3/27/05: 9:31AM. Happy Easter Everyone! Woo! Made it to another one, yay. :) Well, slowly doing some updates and playing around with stuff in the bio area, so yeah...laters.

3/19/05: 11:01PM. Changed the front page image; was getting kinda bored. I'm still playing with an idea of the "Who We Are" section to maybe make the pics a bit smaller and not so offensive and up in your face, if y'all catch my drift. Still working on the story Truth Be Told; up to twenty pages actually. Been really busy with school and training sessions. Weird, aye, me having a life. How the strong have fallen. ::shakes head:: Maybe one of these days I'll post a link to my blog...but that one is locked up and I use this as a rambling sort of blog while updating y'all so...yeah. Mmm. I need sleep. Spring Break's almost here me luvs! Yay!

1/08/05: 1:47am. I should actually be getting for bed seeing as I have classes tomorrow and need to drag my lily pink butt out of bed around 9am...but here I am, reuniting as it were with my site. Been a year and then some since I've touched anything here, much less wrote anything. Life's been..hectic and Busy. Never thought you'd hear Death having a life, did'ya? Well, it does. Revamped the Halls of Exile again...I like switching around images a lot, I've noticed that after using LJ for a while now. I actually have a story in progress, Truth Be Told, which will tell all what's been going on with "fang and pistol" and also give an honest to goodness background on how V/Nick met. So, hopefully, it'll be well worth the wait to those dust monkeys that care...murrr. Been kinda pissed off at LKH's recent Anita Blake book, Incubus Dreams. Ah well. That's writing for you. Okay. Gonna cut this rambling short, need sleep.

10/11/04: 11:39PM and back on dial-up. Lost cable...and I've been just so busy with training and now school that I've gotten so far behind! Updated V's bio and I'll update/redo Nick's bio so the story line will actually make I believe there's still some logs for the Faeries I need to post, but that just might have to wait until Thanksgiving Vacation, lol. But yes, the website is still running and I'm slowly, but surely, still writing for anyone that cares out there. ^_^ A story or two might soon be due for publishing on here...but I need to go to bed since I'm getting nothing really done here.

08/02/04: Okay. So all logs in Of Faeries and Elves should be up to date (yes, I'm serious. From 3/19-7/27). Still working on the 29th...but it'll get up there soon enough, don't worry dearies. Working on another story...for V actually. I was reviewing some old stories and I had this great idea for her and her pappa. Let's see. Updating V's bio...and as soon as the new bios are sent in, so will Crys and Rysina be updated, most likely. Wow. This site has been going strong for...three years, I think... and I've been working on getting the character gallery page. And I might do a member spotlight page IF anyone else wants to do it. If not...well...I'm sure I'll think of some crap to fill up this site ^_^

07/29/04: Hmm. Changed/Added a few pics here and there in bios and such. Gave Halls of Exile a new little graphic banner. Slowly getting the RP logs up in Of Faeries and Elves with Hollz help. Hopefully the older logs will soon see daylight ^_^ Hmm. What else? Do do do. Can't think of anything else right now...

07/23/04: Okay. Hmm. Renaming some files, so if you find any broken links that I haven't gotten around to fixing, please report 'em to me here. I am working on getting the logs up for the Of Faeries and Elves section, even it may not seem it. =) I may be slow, but I get the job done. Yeah. Added a page for the con. lol. I'll try to add more pics if I get 'em. =)

07/21/04: So here the world still finds me updating this site like I'm a crack head. It's gonna be interesting to see how much of this I'm gonna be editing out later, -lol-. I better go to bed before it's 8. It's already 6:21. Update later mates and luvs

07/20/04: Okay, so I finally decided to give updating it's as of 2:32am ES, lol. You wouldn't believe what I've been doing...or erm...attempting to do around here. Trying to make something look somewhat...uh, deceit is hard. So while trying to give it an extreme makeover with Hollz help, I just said f*** this and well, I kept it simple. So there ^.- Anyway. Working on a new story between the usual dynamic duo. It's actually...somewhat good, I think so far. So by August or September, Halls of Exile should be back up with its huge amount of stories. W00t. I amaze even myself at times. **cont** Eeh, this is it for now. Sorta um. Deleted all the updating before I thought, oh gee, it might be easier to give updating it's own section. People. No. I'm not drunk or high...least I don't think so... ::eyes root beer suspiciously::

07/04/04: Finally got around to do some updating around this place, yay. We're slowly getting back up to running speed and all that fun junk. Majority of the errors on images are being cleaned up as welll as broken links and those annoying 404 pages you've probably been seeing. Our bio/who we are page is finally back and I'm getting around to updating the stories section. A lot of stories have been deleted from the V/Nick section, 3-4 remain out of the 7 or 10 long ones that were up there. And I will have a link up soon for galleries of the characters and probably misc. junk lying around. After nearly half a year, I'm truly back!

01/15/04: Changed a few other things. Chron of V/Nick is now 'Halls of Exile'. Needed a new yeah. Talk to everyone later.

01/13/04: Once again, updated Nick's bio. Working on another story...yup.

08/14/03: Updated a few things in the bio area. Added another bio.

08/11/03: Hollz wrote another story that's up. Also working on revamping this site.

08/7/03: Aug. timeline updated once more.

08/6/03: Updated August Timeline and group pix, as well as V/Nick stories. Cleaned up some Jolie stories. Added The Question in Angel/John section.

08/5/03: August timeline has been added. Still needs work. updated July/August timeline

08/1/03: Added another bio from a few new members!

**Check back for further updating later**